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Lina Nurfiqah.
I'd rather be me than be like you.



Lina Nurfiqah
I am totally taken by OngNenChung
I love my bestfriends truckloads; they are my everything!
Just so yknow, I am in love with red roses and teddy-bears.
&& I am normal ; I can be mean sometimes.

Be nice with me and I'll treat you the same (:

invite me;


Wish I can have it!
Vaio Pink Laptop
Sidekicks Juicy Couture♥
Dslr Camera!
Full set of make-up!
Mini vacation with him♥
Full set of brushes.
;D Runway Fashion Show
Long hair, indeeeed!
5 Inch Heels and Angle boots
...... too much!




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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I just wanna have a quick update. I will prolly not active this blog no more or I will delete it, soon. I move to tumblr :)) But still, I love this blog cause I have thousand of memories with it. Will try to update what is interesting in my life (well, my life with family, bestfriends and boyfriend is so fun and more amazing!) if I have time. ♥

P/s : Malas kan bekata-kata, masih jua macam apa. :) At least the others know how to be with us.

♥written by yours truly
8:56 AM

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"friends are people who got your back, not people that talk behind your back then deny it when you confront them"



♥written by yours truly
7:10 PM

Sunday, March 28, 2010


So, I ditched my blog cos' I don't know. Prolly, I will delete my blog with a strong reason (won't state it here anyws!)

Before I start my post, I warn you guys that this post gonna be lil bit childish and totally nonsense, but yeah, can't help my self :) I am not being rude nor mean, I just want to give the explanation which I think its unnecessary!

BFF photoshoot?
I was helping my friend who was being the MUA cos' she is in trial that time and she requested me to find models. But that time, I didn't even know that she wanted me to be one of the models, with Izzati Aqillah either. Actually the planned was to take shoots with another models but then, the MUA wanted me to arrange it as two days of photoshoot sessions (very last minutes planning!) and we were lacking of photographers and models. 3-4 days before the first session, I was so stressed to find the models and the photographers. Then, I was helped by one of my friends to become our photographers and the MUA asked me to bring my bestfriends which she picked them from the pictures of my facebook! They need 6 models and there we are, 6 of us! Its not my planning, how can I invite you? Like, I didn't even tell anyone of us ( you know who!) And we didn't even know that they themed it as 'bff photoshoot' cause we were just doing it for fun!

Oh-zommmmmmmmmme day?
That was my boyfriend's planning which was totally last minute too! Like, we planned it few hours before that! And how can even I invite you when my boyfriend didn't even tell any of his friends. He was the one who asked me to invite Izzati Aqillah to be with us. There, 3 of us spending our time together.

You feel left out? You shouldn't feel that way. I don't know what to say but you have your own family. Its not like cause of that we don't even want to hangout with you, but we have to respect your husband, your family. You are the one who told us that your husband won't let you go with us like before, remember? You are not like our 'baby' girl anymore, you have them to take care of. Like, can't you see? We are not like who we were before. I mean like, Qistina is not being with us anymore. Qiedah, we don't meet each other like everyday. You, you are having your privacy time. Me, I have my own boyfriend. PP, she is busy with her life. But then, coincidentally me and PP still being together cause we are always keep in touch in msn or facebook. We don't have any new 'bbf' like what you said cause its just between me and her. Yeah, we have new friends but is it wrong to have new friends? We are the one who shall feel left out cause you guys are so busy with your own times! Its just, we both are facing it together and being together all the times. But now, when we are trying to get busy with our life, you guys take it like we are being selfish! Come on, can't we have our privacy time too? Can't we have a good times like you do? And one more, when you are having your good times with your family, do you ever call/tell/invite us? :) See, this is a fact! Yes, we are bestfriends, we are sisters, but we can't be like before cause days by days, we will grow up and we will choose our own path of life. The point is, are we guys still being that 'bff' like before, being there for each other? Thats all. I am not saying like I throw all of you, but what if you are in my or pp's position? Like, you can have your own good times without telling us, but when we are trying to do so, you think we are mean!

I love you, all of you. I just can't find a way to show it anymore.
I delete my chatbox with reason! ;D

Me and Izzati Aqillah ♥♥

♥written by yours truly
9:29 PM

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mi laaaaav!

So, my day was so tiring yet I still can smile for it! ;D
I had like two photo-shoots in a week as a request from my friend, Ash Sha.
I love her make-up, seriously!
Will upload the photos soon, teheee!

Anys, she is absofuckin'lutely annoying.
Come on! I did nothing to her, nothing at all and she called me a 'bi*ch'!
Grow up!
That's all you can do by giving me a name?
I maybe look like a bi*ch but I am not that bitchy as you!
You are like almost in the zone of two-wenty and still act like a child.
I feel pity for you, (in a good way!) HEHEHE.
Well, I'm a good girl, I don't wanna start fights.
I just finish them.

And, tomorrow we are gonna meet all the models for the runway thingy on this April!
Can't wait, can't wait.
Cos' the male-models *drools! (I love my baby, still!)
I will update again.


♥written by yours truly
10:54 PM

Saturday, March 13, 2010

[ Once upon a time.. ]

Readers! I leave my blog, again.
Actually, I was like wanna delete my blog and changed it to tumblr but then, I did the opposite -_______-' I is kinda love my blog too much cause it is full with my memories, tehee.

Nway, soon I am gonna off to Miri with 'mi laaaav', just two of us! Yay ;DD Shopping!

I am blank, sigh!

Oh yeah, congrats to all the 12 models that will be doing the runway for the Peaugot Launching which be held at the Rizqun Hotel on 3rd April.
And, it will be including me! ((:
Can't wait for the practise and what-so-ever!
I started my tuition already since I am re-take my A'Level for this june.
Pfft, I hope I can do more better!

"It is the face that attracts but personality that captures the heart."

♥written by yours truly
6:57 AM